Saturday, 20 September 2014

Against The Wind Guatemala Moran Blues: Saturday, September 20th!

It's a shallow life that doesn't give a person a few scars. -Garrison Keillor, radio host and author (1942- )

Language furnishes the best proof that a law accepted by a community is a thing that is tolerated and not a rule to which all freely consent. -Ferdinand de Saussure, linguist (1857-1913)
Hi Soon-To-Be-Island Folk! Trust you are both well. Wondering if you are planning to go to Laphroaig tasting on Wednesday, September 24th, on Fjaderholmarna, Kjell? Is this where we went for lunch with Joan and Paul? Swedish chef sent whisky rep the dishes, (in Swedish), which he had translated:

Laphroaig® smoked elk with chanterelles and apples Rökt älg med kantarell o äpplen
Small Skagen toast with Kalix bleak roe Liten skagen toast med kalix löjrom
Laphroaig® smoked salmon with spinach and fresh potatoes Varmrökt lax med spenat och färsk potatis
Laphroaig® marinated salmon with cider mustard and dressing Laphroaig® gravadlax med cidersenap dressing
Laphroaig® smoked deer filet with cloudberry compote Rökt renfilé med hjortron kompott
Swedish farm cheeses with Laphroaig® marmalade Svenska gårdsostar med goda tillbehör och Laphroaig® marmelad

Back from Parksville this past Thursday. Must away as I plan to head out to Iona shortly. Yesterday was quite wet with heavy drizzle until mid afternoon but sun is back for today and tomorrow! Fondestos from Cora Lee to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

[Marvin Angelo Mercado With the maid of honour at Nicole and Brads #Countrywedding]

Hi Clarisse and Grog! Trust you are both well. Sorry I've not responded sooner but, as always, no excuses but plenty of reasons! Furthermore, Sarge actually receives messages although system response makes it seem as if he doesn't! Not sure if he has been in touch directly. Your itinerary sounds just fine. Looking forward to having you stay in The Annexe. Plenty of bikes here for you to use. Seawall, just outside our door, can be followed to downtown, around Stanley Park, etc., much like/similar to route we took with you in Brisbane so you can see a fair bit of city this way, if you so desire. Lots of other things to do, of course, but we can plan those once here. Cheers, Patrizzio!

[Marvin Angelo Mercado Nicole walking down the aisle... This time as a maid of honour — with Nicole Marie.]
P, this all sounds exciting and doable -- return trip and all with a dipsydoodle to Naramata via Republic. W
hi Rosemary, great to hear that you will be visiting. what days will you be in Vancouver so we can arrange a dinner. Wayne had a heart attack 3 weeks ago and ended up having quadruple by pass surgery. he is home and doing very well but it was a big shock for all his family and friends. look forward to seeing you both, Hugs corinne 

Hi Rosemarie and Andre The Giant! I know Cora Lee just sent off a message informing you about Sarge so I won't pass along all the traumatic details. Suffice it to say he is alive and doing very, very well!
Patrick James Dunn First 100+ km ride since being back from Madroña Manor!
Distance 101.47 km | Time 04:29:54 | Speed 22.55 kph | Elev Gain 366 m
Much looking forward to your visit. Coincidentally, good friends from Brisbane arrive on October 6th as well, and then an even closer friend from Melbourne, next day! Be fun if we can manage to have everyone together for at least one evening over course of everyone's respective stays. Again, I know that Cora Lee is trying to figure out when we might see you two so let us know what dates might work best and we'll plan accordingly. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Heavy drizzle most of Friday so I was cabin-fever bound but today was truly glorious, as I assume you, Galiano Man, experienced yourself. Didn't head out until just before 1:00 pm and had decided I make for Iona via UBC/Marine. What a poifect early Fall day, blustery and bright with nary a cloud to scar the blue, blue sky. No heavy truck traffic on Marine so that was a relief. Fought like a model fuselage in a wind tunnel on way to Iona but whistled back, of course. Back along Marine bucking head wind wasn't as bad as not as open as the flats, of course. Made it home at a few minutes after 5:00 pm. Stats fro ride:

Didn't incur Mme Coriandre's wrath as this was time she had legislated return. We were off to the Heartwood Cafe for dinner before taking in Remembering Resistance: Commemoration of the Student Martyrs of Guatemala. "25 years ago this September, the student leadership if Guatemala’s national university was abducted by death squads. This event will remember the 10 student leaders disappeared in September 1989, with presentations from student activists who escaped the death squads that month, as well as an update on Guatemala today through music and spoken word with prominent Guatemalan feminist, musician and activist Sandra Moran."

Once I'd showered and changed we drove to Broadway and Kingsway and found parking on street right around corner from restaurant. Only a few people there when we walked in at 6:00 pm. Cora Lee knows the staff so she introduced me to those people I'd not met before. We ordered our meal, (I had the really delicious Mac
'n Cheese), and played Urban Myth, (variation of Trivia), while we sipped wine. We had a corner booth so had a good view of spot where main presenters would be. Place started to fill up, to capacity, shortly before 7:00 pm. A number of friends/acquaintances were there so we visited/chatted before program began. A very, very moving event as throughout the course of the evening individual members of the audience, (prearranged), read a brief biography of each of the activists executed in August or September, first in Spanish and then followed, in English, by another reader. This part of the presentation was directed by one of the activists who escaped, (by chance, more than once), the death squads.

As you might imagine, many in the audience were Guatemalan, as well as local socially conscious individuals. In fact event was sponsored/organized by BC CASA, "a Vancouver-based volunteer group that works in solidarity with human rights and community organizations in Guatemala." Before we left, we picked up two bags of coffee beans, Café Justicia, "organic "fair trade plus" coffee grown by Mayan communities in the hillsides above Lake Atitlan in Guatemala." This is served at Heartwood.

Home to go next door to The Annexe. Chloë had brought Krissy and Mark over to have dinner with Derek and Gayle so we joined them for drinks while they ate. Kids had to leave by 11:00 pm as Krissy had to be up at 4:30 am to do food prep for Pig-on-the-Street. Food Truck will be at Kits Farmer's Market tomorrow. Too, too sleepy to read so hit the pillow as soon as I'd brushed and flossed.

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