Thursday, 18 September 2014

Misty Madroña Manor Blues: Thursday, September 18th!

Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not. -Samuel Johnson, lexicographer (1709-1784)  

Hi Kids! Just a quick note to let you know a few things about house, etc. All the beds have been changed and made. Household waste and recycling put out and collected. Two broken tools were not taken however. Yard chap collected the two bags of garden waste yesterday. No word on wood splitter so not sure when it will arrive. Vacuumed upstairs yesterday. Mail, such as it was, is beside printer.  Added Aqua Finesse and a chlorine puck to hot tub yesterday although, unfortunately, it didn't receive any use. No time!!! Will leave door key in Cimcky's house. Some fruit and vegetables in crisper. Wine cellar is empty. Jim and I had to clear it out to make room for kayaks!

Trust all goes well with everyone's life. Must away for a quick shower. Travel safely, one and all. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pic: Brunch on Monday. Had a lovely call from Captain Highliner thanking us for tasty meal.

I'm home!!!! and Cimcky was here to meet me rubbing my leg for attention or food. I even picked him up and no protesting, wow Patrick, you were right about the kayak thing but geeee couldn't you have left one bottle????
Hot tubbin is on the agenda looks great Patrick. Thank you

P, thanks for your call last night. I had already crashed as is my pattern -- up absurdly early, to bed some might say a little early.

Plans to head south might fit really well for both of us. Not sure whether I will stay in Portland or return home and then head south with you but timing all fronts seems doable. The Beavers, our hosts in Portland (Carlos sister in law) may be away so that is why I thought I might stay on after the Wrightson. You are of course welcome there whether they are there or not.

Chasy and I will stay in downtown SF during the tourney maybe even at the club. I could join you in Berkeley after that if it is our starting point. When might you want to return from California?

Goonish Gees to Cooncow (transliteration) is an expression that we adopted from our Carcross/Tagish First Nation friends in a sweat lodge while on a bike trip in Yukon about 15 years ago. The current Chiefs were work mates and friends in our youth. It means thanks to the creator. We would like to repeat the Yukon/Alaska ride sometime. Spectacular beyond belief.

Madrona Manor does look quite spectacular. Thanks for pics. Hope to get there next time if you have not offended the Milionaires once too often. W

Wonderful snaps Patrice!, Glad weather was cooperative and you / they were able to enjoy the surroundings beautiful as they are. I guess I still have a picture of Toshi in minds eye of being about twenty years old so a bit surprising to see her a as mature woman now!. So nice that you have kept that wonderful connection. Enjoy the rest of you trip and we’ll talk soon. Cheers, Al

Hi Folks, We had a wonderful stay in Whistler for our 45th! Now off on a 5 day coastal cruise on Sat. A great life we live. AND what a wonderful way to start our trip by running into you 2 and Whirlygig? Don't have his email, so please forward if you so desire. Charlie

Thanks Patrick. It was great to visit with you and your gang...lovely to meet them all! Have a good fall...sounds like it will be a busy one. Cheers, Deb and Jim

Ah, that timing is bad for us. We will be hightailing it out of here early ourselves to spend some time with Kate and also Dave's mother before we take off on our cruise. If you could get here on the weekend and be able to leave on Monday morning, that would work for us but am not sure that would work for you. Sort of like giving you the bum's rush....sorry about that! If it ends up not working this time, then let's do it another time. We definitely would like that!

Sorry that you didn't get to visit inside the time! Thanks for the update on Sarge...knitting and cross-stitching, WOW! Let us know when you finalize plans for November. Hope to connect! Pat

Had a good ride from Madroña Manor today. Was worried I'd have to deal with some rain but although it was quite misty nothing to worry about. In fact, quite a pleasant ride, overall, although I was drenched when I reached Departure Bay. Some good climbs. You know about the one shortly after leaving Kurt's place. Couple of long grades on IH and then a huff-puff out of Lantzville. Had a rain jacket on, in anticipation of showers and even though it was light it saunafied me so I changed into a light vest once on ferry.

Engine trouble en route so we limped into HB half an hour late. Bit heavier mist on mainland but no rain so I was pleased about that. Few small drops rounding Science World so my double-bagged phone and camera need not have worried. Left MM at 8:30 am and arrived at just after 10:00 pm so about an average time, from past rides. Left HB just after 1:00 pm and back at The Islay Inn by 2:30 pm so again, spot on timing. Stats for ride:

Cora Lee was at home when I walked in so we caught up on a few things while I unpacked and made myself a pot of java. An hour or so later she went for a walk with Robyn and continued on downtown for a meeting. I showered and changed and then drove out to New Westminster to attend the opening of Aunt Leah's new office space, incredibly well renovated, f
ormer premises of Aunt Leah's Thrift Store there. After a tour of wonderful space, Paul Stewart conducted a touching memorial tree-planting ceremony for a volunteer who died last year. Paul is married to Gail, Executive Director of AL, Chloë's boss, and he runs/oversees the various Christmas Tree lots. They, along with a number of other couples, concerned about foster care, or lack thereof, started AL 25 years ago. It is now a $2 million/yr operation and growing. Some exciting plans in the woiks!

After AGM I drove Peter, (a highly functioning mentally/physically handicapped individual who volunteers at tree lots), home. He lives, independently, in a house owned by his brother, off Point Grey Road. I knew him slightly as he attended St Mark's/Trinity, and was part of the Anglican congregation at the time. Not home until just after 10:00 pm, (Too late to drop in and see Sarge. I had bumped into him when I was about to put my bike away. He, Vivacious Viv, Avery, Kid Chelene and his new police puppy, Gwen, (She went crazy licking all the salt off my legs!), and Beckster were off for a walk on Granville and he invited me downstairs that evening, to catch up and play some bridge, once back from NW.), so I immediately brushed and flossed and then went to bed to finish off One Shot and see how Jack Reacher would deal, in his inimitable fashion, with all the bad guys!  Glad I only had a few chapters left as I was quite sleepy after long, full day!

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