Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Bug City Blues: Wednesday, September 3rd!

Adolescence is a period of rapid changes. Between the ages of 12 and 17, for example, a parent ages 20 years. -Changing Times 
Nadienka Wyss Crazy in Galle, Sri Lanka — with Thomas Hohl
  • Patrick James Dunn I always knew you were a Man-Eater, Nadienka!
  • Nadienka Wyss hahaha well but just this particular one!
  • Patrick James Dunn It is said that once you have a taste for men you become a cougar!

    Cody is in town?  For how long? Glad to see you splurge on your toys. I'll bet Matt likes having you as a customer. I remember well the days of doing triathlons when my bike was worth more than my car and I'm not joking!

    Have a great day Pat. It feels like Louisiana here with the humidity. Oh, and Thi is taking the "semester" off university. Ciao
    Viking prow
    Photo: Luigi Guarino
    Hi Bayou Babe!

    Coriandre just left to take Cody to the airport. Now we have a bit of a break until Friday when Whirlygig arrives, day before GF. Then, next week, on Wednesday, September 10th, Toshi arrives to stay until the 18th. That same day, two hours later, Gayle and Derek, from Cornwall, arrive for three weeks! Glad The Annexe is free! Will be fun nevertheless.

    Once I've done a few chores I'm off to ride on my rejuvenated Trek. Plan to head out to Iona but will only log 100 km as I'm "graduating" my distances in preparation for Saturday. This evening, off to hear Louise Penny at St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church: "New York Times bestselling author, Louise Penny is back with her latest Chief Inspector Gamache book, A Long Way Home. Penny returns to the village of Three Pines where the retired Chief Inspector is caught up in another mystery. 

    This time Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir, his former second-in-command, investigate the disappearance of his neighbour’s artist husband." Pre-VWF event. Cheers, Patrizzio! Oops! Forgot to attach snap! Patio farewell! Glad to hear the Island Inn is living up to its name! Cheers! In Spades!
    Wayne is taking his first slow steps to recovery . He says he wants to bike the seawall next week but first he has to master getting out of a chair. His sense of humour is returning !!
    Hi, Patrick! Thank you for your offer to pick me up at the airport!!
    I just booked my flight today, and I'm really excited! My flight is arriving
    on September 10th, Wednesday,VANCOUVER, BC CANADA (YVR) 2:55 PM Flight operated by ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS (NH116)

    I got your request! I'll bring them to you. Please give Corinne and Chloe my love! My mom send fond regards to all of you!! Can't wait until next week!! Love, Toshiko 

    Hi Tomiko and Toshi! Thank you for your fond regards, Tomiko. Sorry that you won't be joining Toshi as it would be wonderful to see you!

    Thanks for all the flight and address information, Toshi. If there are any changes to your travel plans, let us know, otherwise looking forward to seeing you next  Wednesday. I'll check flight time to make sure plane is not delayed, etc., but perhaps you could call my cell or our home number once you have landed. It usually takes about an hour to clear Customs and retrieve your baggage so I time my trip out to airport accordingly. 

    I will be "circling", (very strict about No Parking, now), the International Arrivals area. Once you leave the terminal come across the street to wait under the shelter there. Turn left after you use the crosswalk. I'm sure you will remember this. Anyway, I'll be looking out for you. Not sure if Cora Lee will be with me, (meetings, etc.), but if she is, I'll drop her off so that she can wait for you inside terminal, as you come through the last set of doors from Baggage/Customs. Fondestos to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio!

    so at the airport twice in one day!!! what a good chap! xx Hi Chloë! Reminds me of the time David and Nancy arrived from Berkeley and then Nicolevitch from Switzerland! Now that I've done a few chores I'm off to ride. Cheers, Chauffeur Dad! 

    Hi Patrick. Just got back from Southampton so thought I would fire off a quick email in response to the very positive news regarding Wayne. Everyone must be heartily relieved! To the surgeons open heart surgery seems to be now routine but I'm sure for the recipients this isn't so!

    Your idea of us going over with Corrine on the 13th sounds very good. We have a commitment on the 12th with Mark and Krissy re our anniversary and theirs but the 13th would be fine. We plan on coming back again sometime on the 15th. We will be going over to the Island again during the course of our visit so will probably use the float plane at that time.

    Had a great few days in Southampton. Tristan, of course, monopolises our time while we are there especially granny who has become his play thing! We did manage to get to the theatre to see The Lion King and, although I was not particularly enthused about seeing it, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Perhaps it's the kid in me! The sets and costumes were absolutely fabulous. 

    Yesterday, while Marnie went back to work, we took Tristan to Mottisfont Abbey for a picnic! Lots for him to do there and the parkland runs to hundreds of acres so its a great place to take the dog as well.

    Just going to unpack my bag and the better half is pestering me to pull out anything I need to be washed or cleaned for Canada so had better oblige!

    Krissy has confirmed that she will be providing us with nourishment on the evening of our arrival. Knowing Krissy there will be enough to feed the five thousand. Thank you once again for your kind offer to pick us up. I believe I gave you the flight details but here they are again just in case:

    Virgin Atlantic flight VS095 arrival 17.30. I know how difficult it is to set down at the airport so if's its easier for you I could call when we arrive. Very good luck with your ride on Saturday. Should be fun! I hope the weather sets fair but not too hot for you. Kind regards, Derek

    Goodness – no wonder he’s smiling!  I bought my bike for $175, 9 years ago – it’s still going.  (Don’t know if I could get to Whistler on it though). Enjoy your new ride, Margo

    Hi Margo! Know precisely what you mean about your bike. I traded a case of fairly inexpensive wine for my first  from a friend who had won it in golf raffle. I rode it quite happily, (even took it to Mexico on one of our driving trips there a number of years ago), until I started to "upgrade"! Of course, carbon-fibre makes such distances as Whistler possible and relatively pleasant!  Cheers, Patrizzio! 

    Hi Pat, Thanks for the entry. Doug picked up a media pass and so doesn't need it. He is encouraging me to use your entry...wants me to join him at race speed and thinks we can do it in 5 hours...would surprise me as I haven't trained for that distance. This means, I think, that we would not be riding with your group. Is that okay? It's probably not what you or George intended when you offered Lee the ticket. If you have someone else that wants to ride with Team Jackal let me know and I will stand down. Otherwise I will ride. And it is only fair that I reimburse George for the ticket...let me know his address and I will mail him a cheque. Peter

    Hi Peter! Great that you can ride with Doug! Don't worry about us and don't worry about entry fee as Team Jackal is just pleased to have it used. We are in the 6-7 hour slot, (Hope to do better but we'll see!), so probably won't connect until Whistler, perhaps. Nevertheless, Buona Fortuna!

    Coincidentally, I bumped into Richard Argue today on Point Grey Rd and we had a good 40 km together before he had to go. I told him that I didn't know who was taking extra ticket. He'll be pleased to learn that you and Doug will be riding together. Stats for ride:

    Hope we can chat, at some point, after weekend, if not on Saturday, to arrange an outing with Lee. Cheers, Patrizzio! 

    Hi Pat and David! Your recent message was quite a surprise, inasmuch, as I truly thought that I had sent you an email last week! Whirlwind of activity being away in Manitoba and merry-go-round didn't stop when we returned towards the middle of August and then just when things were settling down we had a terrible shock, a week ago this past Monday. Sarge suffered a massive cardiac arrest early in the morning!

    So that is the latest. Trust all goes well with you two. How are the vines? I do apologize for not thanking you sooner for the lovely thank you card and the $5! Had to arm wrestle Cora Lee to see who would get it! Again, I somehow thought I'd sent a message when I suppose I had only thought about who I needed to tell and what I what I was going to say. As I've often stated, no excuses but plenty of reasons!

    On way home, after hearing
    Louise Penny at St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church, we popped in to see Flamin' to see how Sarge was faring. Happily, he is feeling well and strong enough to want to play bridge tomorrow morning. His two sons, Kid Chelene and Prince Valiant, and I will meet at the hospital around 9:00 am and play until he is tired. He should be discharged by Sunday or Monday and then 6-8 weeks of gradual, physical rehabilitation. Must away or I'll never get up! Fondestos from Mme Coriandre to you both. Cheers, Patrizzio

    Hola Patricio! I am thrilled to report that The Naramata is back online. There was an amazing rain and wind storm here the other day and it affected the workings of the local Shaw facilities, i.e., dodgy cable and no internet! Unlike some I could mention (but won't …), I am not tied to my computer and so really only lost a short day of communications, etc. I wanted to get in touch with you and Cora Lee to say thanks so much for the offer of the Island Inn to accommodate Dom Pedro and me and our Cherman guests, yahwhol. Danke schone, mille fois. I'll assume DP has all the details re entry, etc., etc. 

    Thanks also for the passing on the news (and pics) of Sarge. I'm so happy that the operation was a success, and that he is out of danger. Who'd a thunk it, eh? Someone so young and seemingly in such good shape. I do know, though, that there was a lot of stress in his life, so maybe this was not so surprising an event after all. Please pass on my best and ask Michelle to give him a hug from me when he is ready for such encounters. In the meantime, I'd like to send him an old-fashioned card in the mail and for this I need an address. Could you pass it on, please? Thanks.

    I'm just off to the doctor to get the results of some tests I had done yesterday. I've had a very nasty pain in my side for about a week now and was concerned that it might be a recurrence of some problems I've had in the past, which I definitely do not want to repeat. He sent me off immediately to the hospital for blood tests and muttered something about an MRI … Ah, the life of a senior. Cheers to you and all at the island Inn. Lynnie

    Maybe we could fool Hansgeorg and Daniela into thinking the Island Inn is the Granville Island Hotel where we had a reservation and they were okay with the room rate … Do you take Visa? 

    Hi Patrick & Corinne, Thank you for your email. Here are the photos I took, unfortunately they aren’t that great. You took some great ones! I will forward yours to the gang. Thank you again for coming :) How ia Sarge doing?? Xoxo Laura 

    Pat, Hope Wayne is recovering well from his recent surgery. He will have a long, arduous road to recovery which will certainly be no 'piece of cake'. However, he appears to be a very strong and resolute man so I'm sure he'll make a great recovery.

    Back from our time in Oregon and Washington which was very enjoyable. Our friends in Vancouver, Washington couldn't have done more for us and I hope we can return their hospitality in the near future. Good luck with your next cycling challenge at Whistler. Ray 

    Hi Patrick and Corinne, hey what's up with you two? Haven't heard from you since our visit in June. Did we do something wrong? Certainly hope not! Pat

    Stats for today's ride:
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