Friday, 19 September 2014

Fall Beckons Blues: Friday, September 19th!

Art is partly communication, but only partly. The rest is discovery. -William Golding, novelist, playwright, poet, Nobelist (1911-1993) 

Hi Sweat Lodge Person! Interestingly enough, Maya's aunt, Fiona, went to the outdoor/adventure school in Carcross back in the late 70's. She and her brother, Liam, along with her parents, Maya's grandparents, Noreen and Rocky, (Friends from Winnipeg. He was a prof at U of M, English Department, and I was a grad student at the time.), stayed with us in a home we rented from a colleague, on leave of absence from UBC Library, off Arbutus/34th the weekend before she flew to Tagish Land.

Just to preface things, I've confirmed with Cora Lee that she won't be joining us. She is concerned about her finances, given junket to India in 2015, as well as wanting to be here when her parents arrive on October 31st. At any rate, I'm pretty flexible about when we might return from California. I assume you may well have a more pressing deadline so we can tailor things to suit your needs, as always! Just received a reply from Pat Coffaro and a bit of glitch, inasmuch as they are off early Monday morning, November 3rd. They will be heading into SF themselves to visit their daughter, Katie, and Dave's mother, before catching a cruise. If we stay with them it would only be for Sunday night. I assume there may well be a banquet on Saturday night and then some matches you will either play or want to watch on Sunday. Not really a big deal, either way, as we can check into a relatively cheap motel in Healdsburg for another night or two, in order to cycle/wine taste/hunt for nubile Swedish masseuses, etc! You be the judge of that, given your schedule/time away already, etc.

However, given Coffaro's schedule, what might be a better plan is to stay with them before the SF tourney. If you are in Portland, (If back on Galiano you will need to come over on Sunday, 26th, or earlier, obviously. If earlier, you might wish to take in a few VWF events. Cheap accommodation at The Islay Inn is available if you reserve a month in advance!) I'll meet you there on the 27th to stay overnight and then blast to Healdsburg, or thereabouts, on the 28th, to stay with Coffaros, for a couple of nights, and thence to drop you off in SF, morning of the 31st. Subject to confirming with Coffaros, of course. Sunday, you could stay in Berkeley or SF, depending on your druthers. We can stay for a bit or head north immediately. Anyway, let me know what you think and we'll plan accordingly. If you can decide sooner than later, I will contact Pat as soon as I hear from you and see what might 

be best for them.

Must away as scads of things to do to reintegrate myself into big city rythyms! Chat soon. Cheers, Il Conduttore! Pics: My demanding feline charge, Cimcky The Spoiled; misty Madroña Manor morning, lasterday!

P, Good to know you are ensconced safely at Islay and back to your role as inn keeper. These Carcross connections continue to surface. It really is a lovely part of the world.

Your plannage for the California trip suits me very well. Lets call it a plan -- hit the road on the 27th. I expect i will come back from Portland rather than stay on but still muddling over that.

I don't know now of any time constraints for the return from CA journey so we should be able to play that one by ear, lollygag without dipsydoodling, on the way back. Curious to get to Bend Oregon and taste some beer if we can fit that into the burgeoning itinerary.

With the phenomenal rates at the Islay Inn that go with my extensive advance notice I will likely come in to take in some of the events at the Writers fest.-- taking full advantage of your VIP status. W

Hi VWF VIP Freeloader! Things are starting to fall into place. I'll send along a message to both Pat/David and David/Nancy to let them know when to expect Canucks, what wines to serve, malt to pour, etc! Do you want to stay with friends in Portland or with Marilyn/Mike?  Need to let Olivers know, (coming/going/both ways?),  so let me know.

With respect to Bend we can return through Lake Tahoe, (fab wine tasting in Calaveras, Amador, El Dorado, gold country in foothills of Sierras, California's Barkerville), then past Reno to parallel I-5, inland, of course. Not divided but very little traffic and different scenery. We could even build in a dipsy-doodle to Walla Walla to see Trish Hardy and Gary Meddaugh, friends from my Multnomah Club doubles squash years, along with Mike and Chuck Williams and rest of motley crew. Not sure if you knew Tricia and Gary. Tricia and I were Oregon State Mixed Doubles champeens back in late '80's or early '90's. When they left Portland they lived in Redmond, (about 17 miles north of Bend), for a number of years and then relocated to Walla Walla about seven years ago, I think. Last time we visited with them there was with Flamin'/Sarge and Gary had undergone triple by-pass surgery, a year or so earlier!

If we really want to be road trip crazy we can drive all the way north towards Lake Chelan, (biking in your favourite mountain passes and wine-tasting there as well!), continuing up to Osoyoos and then staying in The Naramata with Lynne and Peter! We might never return!!! Anyway, lots to do so think about time/money constraints and we'll follow our noses!

Must away as I'm to chauffeur Gayle/Derek to Olympic Village SkyTrain, (They are off to Delta for a few days, with friends who have a boat thereabouts.), and then continue downtown with Lady Mary to her Friends of VPL meeting. Steady drizzle so probably won't go riding. If things dry up a tad and I do venture out t'would be to have Dino put a pot on my head, at 41st and Arbutus, and proceed to lower my ears! Cheers, Tin Pot Dictator Dunn!

Pics: Lastereven at Chloë's new office space, former premises of Aunt Leah's Thrift Store in New Westminster. Loads to tell. Touching memorial tree-planting ceremony for a volunteer who died last year. Paul Stewart, holding stone plaque, is married to Gail, Executive Director of AL, and he runs/oversees the various Christmas Tree lots. They, along with a number of other couples, concerned about foster care, or lack thereof, started AL 25 years ago. It is now a $2 million/yr operation and growing. Some exciting plans in the woiks!

Just waiting to board flight to Nashville- great line up for the Opry tomorrow. Thanks for taking care of the Manor, and more importantly, Cimcky! We'll stay in touch...Cheers, Gregg & Francesca

Hi Opry/Cimcky People! Glad all goes well with everyone, in spite of the empty wine cellar! Happy travels/Happy house/cat sitting! Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Hi Big Al, (and Marilyn to keep you in loop) Glad you enjoyed pics of MM. Too, too bad timing didn't work out as hot-tub was waiting! Just a quick note, (Don't laugh!), to plant a seed in your mind. Whirlygig and I are planning a California Dreamin' road trip at the end of Ottobre. Need you along for bike/stanchione maintenance! Chat soon. Cheers, Patrice!

Hi 45th Wedding Anniversary Lovebirds! Delightful to bump into you both and very pleased that you enjoyed a wonderful stay in Whistler. The Honeymoon continues with the cruise, obviously! They don't call you Champagne Charlie and O Susannah fer nuttin'!!!!

Have included Giggenheimer in message so you'll have his email address but gerbils powering his generator on Galliano don't work very hard, (They eat too much of his ganja crop!), so he might be slow in responding to any messages!

We spent a lovely week or so in Parksville, house/cat sitting for Thurston Howell III and Lovey. Derek/Gayle, (Cornwall), and Toshi, (Osaka), were over for three nights and enjoyed the setting immensely, as you can well imagine.

Mayhap, perchance some bridge when you two return from the travelling the high seas! Fondestos from Mme Coriandre. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Gayle, Derek, Jim and Deb, (neighbours, on their patio), CL and Toshi, Sunday evening; view from their deck, next door, to the north, of The Millionaires; Squamish barflies!

We are out of the office until Friday, September 26. We will monitor our emails while away and be in contact on our return. Thanks, Charlie & Susan 

Hi Deb! Our gang certainly enjoyed meeting you so thanks again for Sunday evening. Happy landscaping! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Spent most of day answering email and slogging over bringing IID up to date. Matt and Catherine dropped by about 7:00 pm on before taking in a Fringe event. Had a good visit over a couple of glasses of wine. Glasgow in mourning over NO vote! Invited him to join Magical Mystery/California Dreamin' Tour. Think he is keen to come along if he can re-arrange some clinic commitments he's already scheduled for time we plan to be away. I'll let you know, Dear Reader, as soon as he lets me know. Get ready for haggis and leek soup! Watched two episodes of Breathless, series set in early 1960s England and centered around the doctors and nurses in a gynecology ward, while enjoying our late dinner of tasty chicken thighs and large, mixed salad:

"In 1961 London, when abortion was illegal and the Pill a rare commodity, the brilliant, charismatic surgeon Otto Powell, (Jack Davenport), presides over a busy hospital gynecology ward. With a passionate commitment to the women he treats, Powell provides safe and highly illegal abortions in private practice.

But under the shiny veneer of pre-sexual revolution Britain, troubles don't afflict just the patients. Trapped in a loveless marriage, bound by a dangerous secret, Powell lacks the surgical control that he commands in the operating room when it comes to his passions and his staff. The heady threats of sex and ambition affect doctors and nurses alike in Breathless, where perfect lives are built on lies, and everything depends upon guilty secrets remaining buried."

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