Monday, 15 September 2014

Glinting Grey Heron Blues: Monday, September 15th!

There is no disguise that can for long conceal love where it exists or simulate it where it does not. -Francois, duc de La Rochefoucauld, aphorist (1613-1680) 



adverb: Perhaps.


From the phrase 'it may hap', from Middle English hap, from Old Norse happ (luck, chance). Earliest documented use: 1533. 

Patrick, It was so great meeting you and thanks for sharing out some pictures. I hope to run into you again soon!  Christine

Greetings from Peterborough, Thanks for the emails. Cimcky is 11 years old today! Hope he had his bacon? If not, another day will do. He has a hot tub surf board, and his new remote (by paw) controlled drone, for his birthday. He can launch this from our roof, and it will identify any potential threats in the area of the house. He can then send Eagle sounds from the drone to chase away any potential ground threats (other cats)' and then head outside for a leisurely session of sunning...

Had Mom out today for few hours in the countryside, A nice lunch, and tonight to her favourite old Greek restaurant. Doing great for 94! The old home town doesn't change much. Decent weather, although not quite what you have on the coast! See you all soon. Cheers, Gregg & Francesca

Oh that's way to funny! I can hardly type this email. Auntie Beth says, Happy Birthday Cimcky!!!!! Patrick, last year Cimcky had a bacon breakfast in bed on a china plate. Mom and Dad enjoyed the pic I sent them, lol A drone??? really people, that's a good one!!! Does he have trouble getting on the roof?
I will make sure the birthday boy has bacon while I'm there at least once but I'm sure the gang there will have a something planned for this evening. I wonder if he'll wear a birthday hat?? hummmm
Gregg, your mom is 94, super, enjoy every moment and the old stories of, "remember when....." maybe Francesca could record some of those to play on your birthday???? of course you may not realize this, maybe she's already doing that???? enjoy your holiday

Good Morning Patrick When you say Manor, I think of the old peoples home. Certainly not the case there! Cimcky's House of music, laughter and fine
wine. He has the best mom and dad ever!!! (working on bonus points there)

Did you really leave on a bike ride at 1 a.m.? Wow  Yes it's a shame our paths will not cross, but wait a minute, I have to be in P'ville tonight for a meeting and after the meeting I would like to drop an outdoor plant off at Cimcky's house which will be definitely after 9 pm or I'll just leave it outside, but will ring the doorbell first. I have to head back to Duncan as I am dog sitting and good thing there is a doggie door here.

I will be arriving on the 18th at 4 pm. Cimcky will be just fine alone for that period of time. Btw, has anyone bought Cimcky a surf board for the hot tub???? lol too funny  Hopefully I will see everyone tonight for a few minutes.
Have a wonderful day in the sun.

Hi Beth! Please do drop in this evening. We'll probably be at home by the time you pop by as we have been invited to have drinks and appetizers next door, with Deb and Jim, at 6:00 pm. Cheers, Patrizzio! PS: 1:00 am should have been 1:00 pm! 

Hello Cimcky Fans! This morning, after a tasty breakfast of overleft lasagna I suited up and Derek and I headed for Red Gap. I'd given him a pair of my cycling shoes and even though his pedals don't have clips his feet were far more comfortable than in his tennis shoes. We left just after 10:00 am and enjoyed the glorious morning, not a single cloud in the sky. Wanted to show him The Fairwinds Loop so after descending to the bottom of the hil we circled through the PetroCan station and made our way back, girding our loins for the climb ahead. 

Since I've done this route quite a few times, over past visits, I didn't find it too, too taxing, (although a bit of a huff and a puff by the time one reaches the slight flat at the top of the first and steepest part), but Derek found it more difficult. He hasn't been riding regularly, due to travels, and he is certainly not used to route. Knowing the terrain makes such a difference, of course. Also, an unfamiliar bike and make-shift shoes didn't help. Nevertheless, he soldiered on and we completed the loop, Derek quite enjoying the scenery and houses along the way.

Once back on Northwest Bay Rd we turned onto Claudet Rd to take a spin around the peninsula between Northwest Bay and Nuttal Bay. Just before we turned around at the intersection of Reef Rd and Marina Way, to retrace our steps, we happened upon a large doe. ASked a woman walking past what her freind's name was. She replied: "It isn't a friend of mine!" Guess locals aren't overly fond of the deer as they can decimate their gardens. In this case, deer did ni fact head into the yard of a house just down the road, in search of munchibles, I presume!

Back home to deliver Derek and then I took off to do another 10 km or so. Headed to end of Madroña to start my extended dipsy-dooodle and noticed that Captain Highliner and Gardenia had arrived. Circled back and tossed the house key to CH, although he was already back at his car, parked by the stacked logs, to retrieve a key from his glove compartment. Said a brief hello and then made for Northwest Bay Rd again as I wanted to go as far as Franklin's Gull Rd. Turned around just past the Visitor's Centre and made for home.

Was on my last, extra dipsy-doodle past MM when Cora Lee shouted out from front porch: "Patrizzio, lunch is served!" Had the distance I wanted so pulled into driveway, almost as soon as I heard her calling my name! Stats for ride:

Was quite worried that the hungroids would devour the scrumptious shrimp/scallop, (French Creek), salad and bœuf bourguignon The Sisterhood were serving. Delightful meal and we chatted amicably until our guests needed to leave for Victoria. Waved goodbye at just after 3:00 pm and then did a few chores, (Cora Lee watered and dead-headed. I washed my bike and oiled chain. Toshi and Gayle read on patio and Derek massaged himself to sleep!), until just after 4:00 pm. We then piled into car and made for the Island Highway, turning off almost immediately onto Sea Blush Dr. Linda and Stefano had invited us all to see their place, which is off Wild Rose Blvd.

They have a gorgeous, five acre property and we spent almost to hours having a guided tour. They bought the place seven years ago and have done an incredible job renovating the inside. They have two beautiful Flat-Coated Retrievers, Ki and  Bren, and really need the space for these magnificent creatures. Had to say goodbye at 5:50 pm as we'd been invited to have drinks with Deb and Jim at 6:00 pm!

Thanking Linda and Stefano we waved goodbye and made for MM. Just popped inside for some wine and a couple of bottles of beer, (Derek and I were still thirsty form our ride!), and went next door. Our gracious hosts poured everyone a drink and we started on our secong house tour of the day. Really quite remarkable what they have accomplished in the two years or so that they have lived there. Completely renovated, from top to bottom, (virtually everything except drywall, done by Jim!), and looks like a designer home built by professionals. At any rate, we had a grand time talking about the various stages and seeing the truly magnificent end results.

The evening was very still and pleasantly warm so we gathered on the patio to enjoy more drinks, tasty appetizers and take in the wonderful vista. Quite surprising to all of us how different is view just one house away, part of the obvious charm and delight of this particular coastal location. Had to leave our most hospitable hosts by just before 8:00 pm as we had dinner to prepare. Thanking them, we made our way back to MM and started food prep. Derek lay the fire for after dinner, Toshi set the table in the dining room, Gayle made ready the green beans and Cora Lee tended to the steaks on the bbq while I opened wine! When everything was underway, we gathered at the kitchen table to sip and chat. Just after 9:00 pm heard a knock on the front door and it was Beth. She had mentioned in an earlier message that she planned to stop by to say hello and drop off a large, flowering plant. Introduced everyone and invited her and her friend to stay for a drink but they both needed to be on their way. At elast I had the opportunity to meet her as I'll be gone by the time she arrives to house/cat sit on Thursday.

By the time we said goodnight to the two, dinner was ready so we repaired to the table and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Think it was close to 10:30 pm by the time we had cleared away table and went into living room. Derek had poached a number of pears the day before and Gayle served them with
crème fraîche, paired with an Elephant Island Framboise Cora Lee had picked up on our latest trip to The Naramata, on a tasting outing with Sarge and Jugos Dom Pedro, on the Saturday before the Penticton Granfondo. Superb dessert after an equally delectable meal. For my part, I was quite sleepy by the time the fire had burned low so I bade goodnight to everyone and headed for bed. Could hardly read a page or two of my latest Jack Reacher, One Shot, before it was time to turn off the light!

Patrick, It was so great meeting you and thanks for sharing out some pictures. I hope to run into you again soon! Christine
Hi there, Thanks for the details..sounds like quite a ride and a very busy
time but I think that's how you like it..

It's becoming a busy time for me too so we will have toplay it by ear..getting together that is.. I also got the impression that that was not your intention in emailing me originally..What prompted you to email me? Had not heard from you for a long time..had someone asked you to?

I saw Corrine this past Friday...she didn't seem very friendly..did I offend her somehow? Does she know that I am interested in only a friendship with you?
or is it something else? ciao..exploring my Italian roots..good chance my biological father was Italian! 

Bro' I'm getting pressured by Kate to make some decisions about Fall travel.
We are going to the Bay Area for a wedding on the weekend of October 25 and seems like it makes sense to spend the week down there and take in the tourney the following weekend. Kate has to come back home on Thursday the 30th for Band Practice since they have a gig November 1.

Are you still interested in SF? If so when would you come down and when would we return? Monday Nov. 3 or Tuesday 4th? Wrightson Cup is Oct. 17-18 19. Should we drive down to Portland Thursday the 16th as usual. We will have the Beaver house but they will be in Europe. We can come home Monday the 20th. Let me know your thoughts.

It was good to meet everyone. I forgot to mention there may be a small delivery coming for me from while your there. Don't forget cimcky's bacon. See ya when I see ya. 

Check it out. Follow the link. A great accomplishment!
Congratulations Dr. Colin Sanders on your successful doctoral defense Monday, September 15 at Tilburg University in the Netherlands!
On Monday, September 15 Colin successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at Tilburg University, the Netherlands in conjunction with the Taos Institute: Colin’s defense was witnessed by, amongst others, his mother Noreen, and two of his eight siblings, Shauna and Kevin, and Colin’s companion of many years, Gail Marie Boivin. Colin informs me the spirit of his father, Rocky, was omnipresent throughout the proceedings and the celebration. Described as ‘irreverent, creative and brilliant’ Colin’s dissertation is entitled Narrative Poetics of Resistance: Towards An Aesthetics of Engagement. In Colin’s inimical, poetic and erudite style, Narrative Poetics describes the multiple influences expressed in the creation and co-evolution of a residential community for young persons’ struggling with substance use dilemmas called Peak House, now in its 27th year of continuous operation.
The dissertation also represents a compelling tapestry of insights and ideas originating from Michael White, David Epston, Sheila McNamee, Harlene Anderson, Imelda McCarthy and the writing/thinking/practices of others taken up in Colin’s uniquely sensitive, scholarly and mellifluous way. Within the body of the dissertation, Colin articulates his vision of therapeutic practice as a sacred act, and also traces the history of family therapy in North America and Western Europe, highlighting the convergences between theoretical perspectives and philosophies. No doubt this original work will soon find its way into book form.

Included in Colin’s Taos Institute dissertation committee were co-founder of The Taos Institute, Sheila McNamee, along with Jeff Chang and Harlene Anderson, among the most well-known scholar/practitioners of our times. Drs. John B. Rijsman, J. Goedee and Ottar Ness represented Tilburg University.

Committed to the belief that social constructionist ideas have powerful and positive implications for human life and well-being, a group of scholars and practitioners came together to found the Taos Institute 20 years ago. The co-founders were Sheila McNamee and Kenneth Gergen, along with Harlene Anderson, David Cooperrider, Mary Gergen, Suresh Srivastva and Diana Whitney. All of whom met through various relational connections and had such an affinity towards the ideas of social construction that they wanted to create a space to explore these theoretical ideas and how they were living out in practice. Colin is now an Associate with The Taos Institute, and plans on remaining involved with this group, and contributing to the intriguing research and generative ideas and practices long associated with the institute and social constructionist, narrative, and collaborative work in the areas of pedagogy and therapeutic practice.

Congratulations Colin! Well done Indeed!! Simply wonderful that Noreen, Gail, Shauna and Kevin could be at your defense, with Rocky's spirit there, ensuring everything went as it was meant to be. All the best, Fondestos and Cheers from Cora Lee and Patrizzio!!!

Dear Pat Thank you for the card and kind words! We'll have to have a wee dram soon and tell you all about the experience! Peace and love, Colin

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