Sunday, 14 September 2014

Madroña Manor Sunrise Blues: Sunday, September 14th!

 There is pleasure in the pathless woods, / There is rapture in the lonely shore, / There is society where none intrudes, / By the deep sea, and music in its roar: / I love not man the less, but nature more. -Lord Byron, poet (1788-1824)

Stephen Carthew Arrive 7oct
Patrick James Dunn Are you being collected? Let me know flight info and will see if the Islay Inn Limo Service is available. Just had to fire one of driver's for sleeping on the job! VI Life obviously too, too much for poor thing!

Hello World Travelers and Beth! Trust all went well on flights. Guess you will seeing The Range Rider today. Love to her.

Greetings from Peterborough! Thanks for the pics-glad everyone is enjoying. Arrived in Peterborough mid PM, and will have a visit and dinner with Mom at the "Gardens", Early seating at 5:30PM. Looking forward to getting her out for country drives and favourite places for lunch. Will get some pics and send..Hope Cimcky is welcoming everyone! Cheers, Grog

Beth, I will probably try to catch the 10:15 am ferry out of DB on Thursday, the 18th, as I have to be back in Vancouver for an event our daughter, Chloë, is involved with, late that afternoon. Rest of motley crew will head back home sometime on Tuesday, the 16th, so it will just be Cimcky and I after that. Gather our paths won't cross. (Hope we can actually meet,a t some point in the not too, too distant future!) I'll leave key where I have been instructed by the mean pet owners!

Fondestos from everyone, (still sleeping!), and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Yesterday and "wildlife" this morning!

Hello again, Harvest Folk! Trust all continues to go well with crush. Did quite enjoy entries from David's diary so thanks for including them! Terribly sorry to learn, however, about your own plumbing woes! Glad you were able to stem the tide, so to speak, before even more money was flushed away! Exciting news that Kate seems to be taking an interest in winery. Now, as you mention, one of your "babies" is taking an interest in your "baby"! Fondestos from Coriandre, reading on patio. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Stats for today's ride:

Up at just after 7:00 am to tip-toe into kitchen so as not to wake the  Slumberoids, both downstairs and up, to zap a mug of java and digitate for an hour. Toshi was first to appear, then Coriandre. Once Cornish folk came upstairs, I put on a pot of coffee and everyone pitched in to help with breakfast, other than Derek who was more than happy to sit on patio and read papers! 

Hello Peterborough! All well on the West Coast. After a hearty breakfast, (Cora Lee did a delish salmon omelette with re-fried spudolinos, sliced oranges and toast), Derek and I suited up and we headed out at 11:00 am. We arranged to meet The Sisterhood at Goats on Roof between 1:00 pm-1:30 pm, to give us enough time for a bit of a tour. Took him through Craig Bay Estates, Tigh-Na-Mara, Rathtrevor and then down to estuary of Englisman River. After that we headed up through Parksville to take Church Rd up to the Alberni Highway to Errington. Once there we followed Grafton Ave to Station Rd to Coombs.

We arrived before the Goils so we waited on the bench just outside the front entrance to the Country Market and people watched until they pulle din across the street. We took turns going inside as needed someone to watch bikes. After Derek had a coffee and a sticky bun, I some french fries, the lassies ice-cream, we took off for Englishman River Falls, taking a slight detour to take a look at the Buddhist Temple.

Unfortunately, Derek's new pedals were giving him a fair bit of grief, cutting into the thin soles of his runners, causing his feet to become quite numb. By the time we were at the Falls he decided he was so uncomfortable that he wouldn't ride back to Madroña Manor. This being the case I decided I'd not stop and so headed for home. Passed The Sisterhood near the park entrance and explained situation. They had stopped at the temple as well.

Almost all downhill, from there, more or less, as you know, so I sped through Parksville and then did a loop of the industrial park, the better to catch the light to cross the highway and I was soon whistling down Madroña Drive. After taking a run to the bottom of the street I actually pulled into the driveway ahead of Titaniun Green. Gang were just turning off Beaver Creek Wharf as I roared up to house! Great ride for me although Derek characterized it as emotionally exhilarating but podiatrically challenging! Stats for ride:

Once back The Gals started to start dinner preparations while the cyclistii showered and changed. WE'd invited Deb and Jim for a drink and G/D had invited their friends, (Linda/Stefano), for dinner, all to arrive around 6:00 pm. Gayle had worked with Stephen in Truro. They emigrated about seven years ago and are extremely happy with decision to do so. They live off Sea Blush, I think it is, first left turn off IH after one leaves PetroCan.

We had a lovely time on patio having appetizers/drinks, visiting and such, until close to 8:00 pm, still a gorgeous evening. After D/J left Coriandre grilled lamb chops on bbq, Derek made a fabulous bocconcini/tomatoe salad over a bed of mixed greens while Gayle boiled corn-on-the-cob. Cora Lee also did orzo with mint and feta so everyone was well served.

After dinner repaired to sit around fireplace and chat. Derek and I had a snort or two of malt but Stefano declined as he had to work early the next morning, driving to Courtenay to be involved with a new morgue! He is an Occupational Therapist for Island Health, if that is correct name now. All in all a wonderful ending to a full, wonderful day.

Busy time toaday as well. Captain Highliner phoned last night and he and Gardenia will drop by for lunch around 1:00 pm. Derek will borrow one of my pairs of cycling shoes as they are more rigid than his runners. Plan to take him down to PetroCan and then back up to do the Fairwinds Loop counter-clockwise. Then might do a quick run down Claudet Rd to show him community there.

After The Victorians depart, we will drop in to see Linda and Stefano, back from work by then.
Curious to see their place as they are on five acres. Shortish visit as everyone, (L/S as well), has been invited for drinks/appetizers by D/J around 6:00 pm. Never a  dull moment at Madroña Manor!

Fond regards from everyone here. Love to The Range Rider. Must away as need to suit up for ride. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Yesterday and heron this morning!

Dear Corrine and Patrick, Hope all is well. Andre has been given the all clear by his cardiologist to return home so we are both coming over to Vancouver on Monday 6th October - me sadly only for ten days due to my numerous work commitments but Andre for much longer. I do hope you are around and we can find time to get together and catch up with all your news. Take care and hope to see you both next month and maybe even Wayne and Michelle too if they are also in town. Much love, Rosemary XXX

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