Monday, 22 September 2014

Sharktooth Annie's 101 Birthday Blues: Monday, September 22nd!

Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul. -Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910) 

Hi Patrizzio, No, we didn't go to Fjäderholmarna but much further, to the only town in the archipelago, Vaxholm. And I don't plan to go there but to a Brahms concert at the Stockholm concert hall.

About "soon-to-be", I think Jane IS already. I haven't heard from her, and don't expect to for the next few weeks, but I know she planned to move last Friday. And I know her sister and brother-in-law intended to place their RV on the lot, so she would be able to receive visitors.

Over here, fall finally arrived this past night bringing the temperature down about ten degrees, and bringing an unimaginable amount of rain. But we shouldn't complain. I certainly never experienced such a hot, and sunny, and long summer as this one.

I don't suppose you noticed we had a general election a week ago. It seems the old right-wing, neo-liberal government won't be back, the Social Democrats invited the Green Party to join them in a new government (excluding the Left Party), but they will be in a hopeless minority, and no doubt their policy will be "more-of-the-same". Still, at my age you more or less don't give a shit any more. Bestestos and fondestos to you and Cora Lee, Marcello

PS I hope you saw my email about the imminent arrival in Vancouver; the first week I will spend in the Big Stink (as islanders call it), so hopefully we'll catch a glimpse of each other.

Hi Beach Front Property Woman and Umbrella Man! Hope you are settling in, Jane. Rain has started over here, Kjell, although it is still quite warm. Guess New Brunswick is following Sweden, politcally, inasmuch as in the provincial election today results show a slim Liberal majority, with Brian Gallant's party claiming victory in 27 ridings and ousting the governing Progressive Conservatives. David Alward's PCs won 21 while the Green Party broke through in one riding. Who knows, maybe we can stop climate change. However, as you say, the new policies, if there are any, will be "more-of-the-same"! Hate to be cynical, even at my age but hard not to be when Harper isn't attending Tuesday's UN climate-change summit in New York!

Since we can only expect weather to deteriorate with the coming of the autumn equinox, I decided to scope out the facilities at the False Creek Community Centre, just across the way. I had ridden a stationary bike there when recuperating from hip replacement surgery in 201o but have never really been back since. To my delight, I discovered that there are two spin bikes in the upstairs part of the gym, as well as three elliptical machines downstairs. When in Mexico, this past May, I used the latter, and quite enjoyed the workout. Started out with half an hour on the spin bike just to see what it felt like, tailoring seat and handlebar height. Quite comfortable, much more so than stationary bike downstairs. Nevertheless,  probably won't do much spinning as I want to try to "diversify" my exercise program. Plan to start swimming again, at the Aquatic Center just over the Burrard Bridge, close enough that I can ride even if it is raining, walk if pouring down. However, always good to know that equipment is there should we ever be faced with heavy, prolonged periods of rain.

Downstairs to try one of the elliptical machines and found it was quite like one I'd used in Playa so after half an hour i decided to try a different program for an hour. Discovered how to change resistance, input weight, age, etc., and so I enjoyed this workout as well. What was new to me was that this particular program tells one to "cycle backwards" at various points during workout. Bit discombobulating at first but I soon became used to so doing and it felt quite comfortable, after a few minutes. Believe it is probably a good way to exercise slightly different muscle groups. All in all, very pleased with proximity of facility, range of available equipment and few number of users, given time I can choose to go. Furthermore, also discovered that there is a sauna. had not known about this so plan to use it as I do quite enjoy taking one. There is a really good one at the Aquatic Centre so I'm pretty fortunate, I feel. As well, my Vancouver Parks pass, (I have a card which I usually put 10 visits on), can now be used at FCCC. Formerly, this was not the case. 

Have my orientation session for VIFF tomorrow at 6:00 pm at VanCity Theatre. Cora Lee is off to Pemberton for the day, to a church conference so I hope weather will not be too, too wet as it could be a miserable drive if so. My first shift is on Thursday, at Pacific Cinémathèque
but finishes at 2:00 pm so we hope to play bridge with Sarge later that afternoon, probably with Mick and Ragin' Bull. He had the staples in his chest and leg out last week and scars are healing quite nicely. He and his Mom, Viv, and rest of family drove to Seattle to attend a Seahawks game on Sunday so he seems to be doing very well indeed! Cheers, Patrizzio! 

Hello Comrade Giggorov! Guess we need not worry about Murphy having to share his bed with a partisan from Nanaimograd! Nonetheless, The Islay Innkeeper remains as irascible as ever. You are welcome to overstay on Thursday if you decide to spend more time in Vancouver. My first shift at Viff is on the 25th but finishes at 2:00 pm so bridge would certainly work. Give Fast Eddy a shout to see if he wants o join us, totherwise I'll contact Mick or Ragin'.

Didn't know you had been to Guatemala. What a time it must have been. I early 1973 I was trying to stitch together a trip to Chile with a good friend who had made friends with many Chilean students at NYSU, Oneonta, when doing his MA there. Then Allende died, suicide or assassination, the question still debated, and such a trip became impossible. I ended up going to UBC instead and you know the rest!

If you take a look at this website, <>, you will find an order form for java. I'll ask Cora Lee if Heartwood sells it as well as serving it. If restaurant does, I could pick up as much as you'd like. I'm dropping her off at AL's Thrift Store today, just down the street. Let me know. As well, <café>, or 604-871-9078.

Best for last. Had a message from Glasgow this morning and he has already packed! Seems he has to be back by November 8th but I don't see that as presenting any problem. Depending on your schedule we might be back a few days earlier. Anyway, we can thrash out an itinerary suitable to one and all over next little while.

On another matter, Cora Lee has a very attractive coffee table that she bought for Heartwood and then gave to Chloë when restaurant didn't want it. This last trip we brought back another from Falcon, a round one Chloë had always liked that belonged to us but which Dusty had refinished many years ago. I'll get Chloë to send me a snap and if you are interested we can arrange to store it somewhere until you can mule it to Galiano. It's a lovely oak piece, solid although not extremely heavy, and can be extended at each end, sliding out two niftily hidden, attached pieces. Just thought you might need something for your extension. I really like the piece and would be happy to see it stay "in the family", so to speak. However, not a big deal if you feel you can't use it.

Let me know about bridge with Fast Eddy on Thursday. Unless you really need to be back that day you might as well stay until Friday, but you decide, of course. Cheers, Il Conduttore! Pic: Café Justicia!

P, Great news about Glasgow. That should be a riot. As it happens I have an appointment downtown at 4PM Thursday so I cannot join you for cards until later - probably until around 6PM. Not sure that is workable for you. I will ask Eddy now and you can chase down Mick. Friday is open for me if you want to do it that afternoon. I will return to Galiano on the evening ferry -- both Cobby and Amira will likely be joining me here.

I will gratefully accept Murphy's bed Thursday night if that is not too much of an imposition. I do understand there is no discount with short notice. Please do send a pic of the table. Thanks for thinking of me. Please do buy a couple pounds of coffee for me if it is easy -- otherwise I will find it as directed. I prefer a dark roast if there is a choice. W

Eddy, Pat is looking for players on Thursday afternoon if you are interested. Players will be Sarge, Pat, maybe Mick. I cannot play until early evening. G 

Hi Appointment Man! Your reservation has been made. Haven't heard from Fast Eddy yet but I'll contact Ragin' and Mick anyway. Went downstairs to see Sarge to confirm Thursday was fine. It is. [He had the staples in his chest and leg out last week and scars are healing quite nicely. He and his Mom, Viv, and rest of family drove to Seattle to attend a Seahawks game on Sunday so he seems to be doing very well indeed! He has been chatting with David Coffaro about football, of late. David asked if he was coming along so he asked me about possibility. He might well join us on road trip if he receives clearance from medicos! At this rate, guess we'll need to rent a van by end of October!] Perhaps we can play during evening as well, with either Cora Lee or Prince Valiant. Not sure if Sutherlands curl then or not. Last week Sarge went to watch.

Bridge on Friday probably won't work for me as I have my VIFF shift from 9:15 am to 2:00 pm. Did Chloë send along pictures of table? Don't think Heartwood sells java by the bag but will confirm anon. I like dark roast as well.
Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Glasgow! Great good news that you will be joining us. Had a message from Giggster this morning and he was delighted to hear that you were considering coming along. He's already packed! 

I assume you need to be back by November 8th I don't see this as presenting any problem. Depending on Giorgio's schedule we might need to be back a few days earlier. Anyway, we can thrash out an itinerary suitable to one and all over next little while. Other than that, we can arrange to collect you at your place on the morning of the 27th. Think we will only go as far as Portland first day but need to confirm that, now that I know how many of us there will be. Will you be bringing your bike? Golf clubs? I mention latter as although Whirlygig and I won't be golfing thought you might wish to do so if not biking with us. Just let me know.

How was Fringe performance? Feel badly that we didn't make a single event. Just too, too busy, it seems.

Funnily enough, Giorgio will be over to play a noon match at VRC on Thursday. My first shift at VIFF is on the 25th but finishes at 2:00 pm so we hope to play bridge with Sarge later that afternoon, probably with Mick or Ragin'. Talk soon. You need to clear the clothes you will be packing with The Sisterhood. Forget your passport, style is everything!!! Cheers, Patrizzio!

PS: Also think about tunes, (CD's, iPod), for road travellin' music!

Pics: Kit's Farmer's Market on Sunday. Pig-on-the-Street, food truck owned by Krissy, Gayle's/Derek's, daughter, Gayle, near awning, Derek at table; Krissy; friends, Jim and Jocelyn; Jocelyn and Cora Lee were classmates at Library School. Jim retired from being Head Librarian at McGill Medical Library a year or so ago. Before that he was a colleague at the UBC Library and then became Head of the Medical Library Service of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. Some of the wonderful items for sale! 

great patrick.i will be taking bike only if thats o k? ;matt

Hi Glasgow! Your reservation for one space on bike rack has been made! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Pat and David! Just this morning confirmed last few details of planned trip. Given your own travel plans, am wondering if The Pushy Canucks might insist ourselves on you for a couple of nights before the weekend of November 3rd/4th/5th. As of this writing we plan to stay overnight, on the 27th, with friends, Marilyn/Mike, in Portland and then blast to Healdsburg, or thereabouts, on the 28th, if this is fine with you. Not quite sure when we might arrive that evening/night so we could time our arrival for the 29th if that would be more convenient, assuming you can/still wish to  accommodate us. 

Other thing you need to know, beforehand, is that there will be three of us, no Cora Lee, but Glasgow, Whirlygig and I. Matt played squash with Giorgio and I so that is original connection. We will have along a single inflatable which we will need in Berkeley, when we stay with David/Nancy. Not sure of your set-up in guest quarters but we can make do with almost any surface. Glasgow just retied from his medical practice so he is used to sleeping on couches everywhere, from here at St Paul's Hospital, downtown, to medical wards in hospitals in Scotland and South Africa! Giorgio usually passes out at the table so I guess I get the bed!

Anyway, let me know what you think. Please don't feel obliged now that you know we won't have Cora Lee along to keep us from misbehavin'! Fondestos from her. She just left to do her volunteer shift at Aunt Leah's Thrift Store. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pat, Hope all is well in Parksville. Looks as though the weather is starting to change. The roofers started at 8 this morning to replace the old tile, managed to set up the plywood and tiles and then decided against it as the rain came down. Went up on the roof earlier in the evening to cover the materials with tarps as rain is in the forecast for the next few days.

Hope Wayne is continuing his recovery on schedule. It must be a difficult time for their family. Haven't cycled any distance in ages but maintaining my gym workouts. Sylvia bumped into Pauline this morning. She and Mike had just returned from a good time in Oregon, including Bend, where we were a few weeks ago.

A close friend rode a Granfondo fundraiser in the Kootenays recently. There were only 350 entries but Ken was the oldest finisher over the full course of 152km but he did a very good time with a great average in spite of stopping at several food and drink stations. He said the fatigue and soreness didn't show up until about 4 days later. Ray 

Hi Raymondo! Sorry I've not been in touch sooner. Have been back home since this past Thursday but busy everyday since then! What a drag that rain has started just when you need dry weather for roofing!

Had dome terrific rides in Parksville but funny you should mention your gym workouts.
Giorgio is here on Thursday for a noon match at VRC. Staying overnight. Can't ride on Friday, due to VIFF shift, but perhaps you to might be able to do so, depending on weather, schedules, etc. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Patrizzio, Colour me confused - perhaps it comes from 3 weeks at sea. I was unaware of having missed a meeting; can you decode the 'tad of irony' which appears to have appeared to you? 8^) cheers, Mark
Hi Colour Confused Spin Dottore! The meeting was cancelled since you were at sea. Irony is that this fact is rather an elaborate excuse on your part! Perhaps you need to do some riding to get your land legs back. Cheers, Patrizzio!

As this has been written mostly by Trevor from my diary you will notice it is in his voice:) Hi all I have attached some ramblings for you to read - some you have probably already read. Hope you are all well - see you in a couple of weeks! Love Tina and Trevor

Hi TNT! Enjoyed your "ramblings" very much, no matter their origin! Glad you seem to have explored so thoroughly. Glad to hear about wine picking at Allegria. Sad to say we never stopped there although I rode by it countless times!

Ozzie hordes begin to invade at the beginning of October, as well as Rosemary and Andre from near Valence. Planning a road trip, sans Coriandre, to California at the end of October, with Whirlygig, Glasgow and Sarge, if he gets clearance from medicos/travel insurers! Fondestos to Anne and Don and to you two, from both Cora Lee and I. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Kit's Farmer's Market on Sunday.
Reminded me of being back in Pezenas! 



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