Monday, 29 September 2014

Soggy Start-of-the-Week Blues: Monday, September 29th!

There are two possible outcomes: If the result confirms the hypothesis, then you've made a measurement. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you've made a discovery. -Enrico Fermi, physicist and Nobel laureate (1901-1954) 

Hi I haven't heard from you for awhile and I am hoping there is nothing wrong. How is Sarge? I didn't hear from Michelle when I emailed her so I wasn't sure if everything was ok.

Are you travelling? I am so busy with Celtic Colours, yoga and life! The weather has been amazing so I am running, playing tennis, doing yoga and a little biking. 

Cheesy Cauliflower Patties!
I biked from Cheticamp to Margaree a few weeks ago. The wind was incredible causing me to bike on a slant. I was pushed into the ditch once. However, I persevered and arrived at the lunch site last!. Oh well, what can I say! Let me know how everyone is feeling. Take care Rhoda 

Hi Celtic Ski, aka Cheticamp/Margaree Last Ditch Biker! Great to hear that all goes well in spite of gale force winds and your rather busy, busy life! Thanks for inquiring about Sarge. Am very pleased to report that he is doing extremely well. Sorry I've not been in touch sooner but have been very busy since last week as my VIFF shifts started on Thursday.

I didn't have a VIFF shift today so after I dropped Cora Lee off at AL's Thrift Store, at noon, I ran a few errands, (To Go-Green, taking in recyclables and then to BC Liquor Store on Cambie/8th for six bottles, (all of stock!), of Domaine de Babio, 2010, 15%, $20, from Minervois, a great region not all that far from where I was staying last September. Unfortunately, didn't have time to taste there then so am making up for it now! Such an incredible wine, I think, that I then drove to Dunbar to pick up 10 more bottles! Cleared out shelf here as well! On Thursday, I will be taking The Cornwallians to YVR so I plan to stop at Marpole branch of BCLC and collect what might be still there. 10 more bottles according to web site, as of this writing. 10 bottles at Park Royal in West Van, as well, but not sure I'll get there.), and then back home to cellar my haul.

Once everything was safely stored I walked over to FCCC, (In the pouring rain! It just pelted, all morning, and then right up until 4:00 pm.), and spent two hours on one for the new elliptical machines that were just brought in this past Tuesday. Am starting to get used to this particular machine and must say I do enjoy the work-out. Plan to vary this with swimming at Aquatic Centre just over Burrard Bridge, whenever rain curtails cycling.

Back home to tidy place and vacuum for Cora Lee as she was hosting her Book Club that evening. A bit of supper before The Sisterhood arrived and then I was  banished to our bedroom. Indeed, am there, as I scribe, but I don't mind at all as I'm listening to Tim Tamashiro's Tonic on CBC Radio 2, one of my favourite programs.

So that's all the news that fit to print, Ski. Three more shift with VIFF and then I'm free to pick and choose what I'd like to see, if I can get in with my Volunteer Pass. Pretty likely during the day. This coming Monday Claire and Greg, from Brisbane arrive, for a week, so the social merry-go-round starts again. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Friday evening with some of Clan Sutherland and their relatives from Scotland/Cornwall and Canada; moussaka; Derek/Viv; Flamin'; scullions; Rhona; silos; Patrizzio, wearing a Campagnolo hat, (Please note blue GranFondo wristband, Dear Reader! Drives Coriandre nuts that I'm still wearing it, three weeks after event!!!), presented to me by Vittorino, one of our Book Club members, and Whirlygig!

So... we should strip you for those parts and re-sell them - or those rare metals - on the black market... Interesting thought... Yes, do come and stay here next year! We have plans for you, my friend! From Ms. She-Can-Unpick-As-Well-As-Stitch

Dear SCUAWAS! Great to hear that you are so versatile, predatory and Machiavellian! Might need to re-evaluate trip back east in light of latest "sewing" developments!  Cheers, "Don't-Drop-A-Stitch" Dunn!

Patrick, I have two phone numbers for you that were on Corinne’s card that she gave me. Are these mobiles that we can text if we need to contact you? They look more like land lines to me.

We have been contemplating how we can get a ‘meaty shiraz’ into Canada via the US. I am not sure whether it will be best take it in our checked in luggage, as liquids will be a problem in hand luggage with the heightened security. Further investigation on-going!! What an outrage that geo-politics may get in the way of a good drink!! Cheers Claire

Hi Geo-Political/Meaty Shiraz People! Great to hear that all goes well in spite of problem with muleage! I suggest you pack any wine you see fit to bring in your checked baggage. That is what I have always done and have never had any problem with breakage. I usually wrap bottles in a number of layers of bubble wrap, if I have some, or else a piece of soft clothing, enclose everything in a number of plastic bags and then place parcels in the "middle" of bag, separated from each other and away from either side/top/bottom of case.

Phone numbers are correct. First is our home number, other is Cora Lee's mobile. Best to call my cell or Sarge's mobile. Not sure but he might come to YVR with me to collect you. At any rate, once you clear Customs and collect your baggage, walk outside the terminal itself, to cross road. Go to your left after you leave cross-walk, (Don't go straight ahead into Parking Lot!), to wait under an overhang and that is where you will be collected. 

From past experience, (and I have much, believe me!), it will probably take about an hour, once you land, to find your way outside. If Sarge comes with me I'll let him off at International Arrivals so he'll meet you inside terminal, just outside restricted area you will leave after passing through Customs. I'll "circle" until I hear from him or else I can park, without having to pay exorbitant fees, about two minutes away, and will await his call, if needs be. Will check arrival time before leaving for YVR to make sure flight is on time, etc., to coordinate my/our arrival at airport to coincide with your miraculous appearance, bearing gifts aplenty!!! Once you are safely ensconced in The Annexe, the social merry-go-round starts again. Fondestos and Cheers, Patrizzio!

Hi Janet! Trust all goes well with you. On another matter, we have a table at Aunt Leah's Trivia night on October 18th and we were wondering if you'd like to join our "team". Should be fun. We were away last year so need to give Sarge and Company a run for their money! Cheers, Patrizzio!


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