Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Vivacious Viv Blues: Tuesday, September 9th!

There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth. -Leo Tolstoy, novelist and philosopher (1828-1910)

Hi Pat, Hope you had a great ride. I did, although damn tough! Despite newly installed rubber and tubes, got a flat rear tire on my way to the start so ordered riding buddy Doug to ride on. Crossed the start at the back of the race but rode hard and flew past hundreds of riders...until about 10 km past Squamish, where I heard my inner self say "Stop it, you're killing me!" Progress slowed by half and hundreds of riders rode past...grannies, kiddies, pensioners, anyone with a pulse. Doug experienced the same...road like a bastard for 80 k then cramps in both quads. Hundreds of riders passed him as he crawled to Whistler. When he crossed the finish line a young volunteer asked "Sir, do you need a medic?" I won't let him forget that. Nor will I forget the generosity of Team Jackal. Many thanks. I can't wait for the 2015 Fondo! Peter 

Chloe Alexis Dunn: Super Harvest Moon, enough said.
Yes, these messages went to our junk folder. Who knows why!! We are ready to receive your messages now. I assume they didn't sell all the tickets and he will be going to the next game. Please send me a short message when you have time so I know the gates are open again......I am right in the middle of Harvest and enjoying every minute. Pat will also send you a message to make sure her email is working.......Dave 

Hi Pat and David! Here is a copy of message I just sent about GranFondo ride this past Saturday. Glad harvest is going so well! More later! Cheers, Patrizzio!

Patrick, was wondering why we hadn't heard from you in so long - but it appears that all along your messages have been caught up by our spam filter - you know how it s with the Canadians!
What terrible news to hear, though. We can hardly believe it. Sarge seemed like the type of guy you'd think was in the best of health and as strong as a bull! Gosh, you just never know do you? We are so thankful to hear that he's had successful bypass surgery and is already recovering quickly. Please give him and Flamin' our best and tell them we wish we were nearby and could visit! We so dearly loved meeting them and getting to know them a little. I'm sure it really hit their whole family very hard, not to mention all of the extended family and friends. It's wonderful that there is such a strong support group there for all of them - I know they must be especially grateful to you and Corinne, Chloe and Ayn.

All's well here....we're up to our ears in grapes as harvest is earnestly underway! Dave was just mentioning Sarge the other day when we were watching the Packers play the Seahawks up in Seattle. Dave said, I know for sure that Sarge and his boys will be at the game....but of course, that didn't turn out to be the case. Well, he still has the whole season in front of him and thankfully he's alive and will be able to enjoy the games even more! Take care and continue to keep in touch. I think we've got our spam filter fixed to accept all important messages now - even from the Canadians! Pat 

Hi Pat, long time no see.  Would you and your lovely mate like to come to a bbq at my place Sunday at 4? There will be lots of salmon. Ron 

Patrick James Dunn Return to b/w is very striking and effective. Catches and accentuates her intense, contemplative, yogic mood! I can and will levitate, Dear Parents! 

Hi Mr Grizzle! We 'd love to join you but, unfortunately, for us, we will miss your fabulous salmon and scintillating company as we will be house/cat sitting in Parksville. I will go over this coming Friday and Cora Lee will join me on Saturday as she has a meeting she needs to attend earlier that morning. I plan to ride to Horseshoe Bay and then from Departure Bay to Parksville. I rode in the Whistler Granfondo this past Saturday and was very pleased with my time: 5:43:07. Consequently, rides to HB and then Parksville probably won't seem quite as arduous. While still challenging the total distance is roughly little more than half of that to Whistler.

Again, thank you for the lovely invitation. Trust all goes well with you and Janice. Fondestos from Cora Lee. Perhaps we can get together later this Fall. Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Start and finish with two riding mates, Whirlygig and Carlos the Jackal!

Ayn PWhen your parents send you earrings with a map of home ♡

  • Patrick James Dunn Even Mick knows that you can't always get what you WANT, Marilyn!

  • Colleen Teahan Waldron Mick never met ME Patricio
  • Patrick James Dunn Probably a very good thing for him as I don't think even Jumpin' Jack Flash could deal with you, Baby Cakes! He did meet Angie, however. I knew Angela Barnett as kid in Cyprus. Her father worked for the same mining company, CMC, as my Dad. She went to art school in London in the '60's and met/married David Bowie there. Nor sure where she is today but funnily enough, I heard her interviewed on CBC back when we lived at Hotel Kits, talking about her recently published book, (She was divorced by this time.), which detailed life with Bowie, the Stones, etc. Her father was from Seattle and she living there at the time.
Hello! Thank you for the great birthday card and lovely earrings that seem to be so reminiscent of our recent trip to Vancouver Island!

Had a very nice lunch with Lauren last Saturday. She seems to be doing well but would like to move closer to the city for meetings with clients etc. Only problem is she estimates she has 650-700 per month to spend so I suggested she looked for a home with a room to rent in the city until she makes more money. I will take her to Loz Feliz on the 28th to scout for some accomodation ideas, plenty of young broke professionals there to maybe share a place with! Her relationship with Ryan has ended so she is working independently as an event planner via agency that helps her book gigs. She had a three day stint this week in Vegas and then NYC for 4 days.

Alex is staying with me at least until the end of the month, it’s been nice to have his company and make dinner together etc. Sam does not seem to having much success at finding another job but then again, she seems to be ok with that I guess…sigh.

Having lunch with Rick today…I saw online that Uncle Erich’s house sold for 4.9 million! Will see Toshi around the weekend of the 26th when she’s here. She’s traveling with her boss and some people I believe, hence the trip to Shasta..... sadly, the lake is very low form the drought so won’t be as spectacular as it has been in prior years. She wants me to meet him as I believe he’s in the Japanese film business. Love to all! Ayn

Hi Earring Woman! Glad you liked them! Your posting has created a bit of a buzz. Chortled at "WANT" from Colleen. Thank you for congrats on my Whistler GF ride.

On my ride yesterday I thought about sale of Erich's house as cycled past bottom of the street. Pretty nice chunk of change! Thanks for update on Lauren. Please give her our best when you see her next. Lovely that you are helping her out. Trust things work as far as relocating, etc. I'm impressed with her event planning gigs. Perhaps she should hire Chloë, or Nana, as she'd love to go to NY as you well know! Be great if you become a Director in Japan and then we can travel there as part of your entourage, stay in the best, most expensive hotels and brush our teeth with high-end Sake!

Big Al was just over. He volunteered to replace faucets in guest bathroom. About a week ago we noticed a severe rumbling when cold water tap was turned on. Went away and all was normal until a few days ago when no water at all came out. Very puzzling as had cold water everywhere else. Advice we received was that t it could have something to do with a valve on water tank or the "cassette" in tap assembly.

Al happened to phone yesterday to say hello and I asked him if he could recommend a plumber as first one we called, (We'd used him before.), was just leaving on his hols. Second chap, (He was extremely helpful with a blockage problem in Chloë's kitchen sink, a year or so ago. When I called he was actually on a job in Kamloops but advice he gave me solved problem. It involved a very caustic grease/hair remover and he called me back after he had given me brand name to make sure I wore gloves and safety goggles when using it. Then, a day or so later, he called to inquire how things went, all at his own expense!), isn't working as a plumber anymore as he is suffering from extreme arthritis. Hope he is able to do something else as he is obviously a very competent, concerned individual.

At any rate, Big Al thought, from what I had told him, that problem could be solved by replacing faucet/tap unit. After returning from my ride, (mentioned above), I had a cup of java and then cycled to Home Depot on Cambie and 5th to pick up a replacement set, to have it ready for installation next day.

He arrived around 10:00 am, after dropping of something he'd fabricated for an installation at Science World. As we were walking into bathroom he mentioned that he'd looked at a few YouTube DIY videos and one suggestion was to make sure that the shut-off valve was completely open. He checked it and sure enough it was partially closed! This had been the root of the problem and once opened completely water flow was back to normal! Both of us could hardly stop laughing but very much relieved as you can well imagine. (Is your computer plugged in?) Aside from saving $100 on fixture and new hoses I was thankful that it wasn't a far more difficult problem to address/repair! Had visions of having to open wall, etc., etc, etc!

Especially grateful for his generous offer to help as need bathroom with Toshi arriving. Furthermore, while we are away on VI, friends, Peter/Lynne, from Naramata, will be staying, with their friends, a couple from Germany, over the 13th/14th/15th. Never a dull moment at The Islay Inn! Must away as I'm under orders to put up a picture frame in Nana's Office! Love and Cheers, Poppa "We Spit on Colgate" San!
Pics: Autumn, (Beckster's cat), might be up for adoption as Avery is making her life miserable. Nana claims she loves her and has been making purring sounds for last week! Flamin' and Sarge this past Sunday. 

Hi Road Trip People! What a wonderful time you must have had! Makes me want to return and explore more of your incredible country.

With respect to staying, thanks for being concerned, but accommodation is really not an issue. However, you will probably be bunking with us, if you think you can accommodate me! I know you find Cora Lee much more agreeable but I'll try to be on best behavior, at least for an hour or so! Anyway, we can discuss details closer to time you arrive. Save your money for hootch!!!

Sarge came upstairs yesterday evening. He had been out with Flamin' for a short shopping trip, so this is a very good sign. He says he feels a bit stronger every day. Hard to believe that he suffered a heart attack two weeks ago, miraculously survived, and then a five hour plus quadruple by-pass surgery a week ago, to be back at home this past Friday!

I drove him to the airport this afternoon to pick up his mother, Vivienne. She will be staying for three weeks, or so, to be with him for the first little while as Flamin' will be back to work. He is not to lift any more than five pounds and needs someone to help him dry his back after a shower! Poor guy!!! [Despite auto reply to any sent messages:
"I am presently off duty, sick with an unknown return date. I am unavailable and have no access to e-mail at this time.", he does, in fact, receive email!] Other than that he is obviously in a weakened state but otherwise in pretty damn good shape. One step at a time. Will probably start having a few lads over, during the day, to play bridge, whenever Sarge feels up to it.

Aside from terrible fright Sarge visited on everyone, we've been pretty busy on social front. As well, this past Saturday, I rode in the Whistler Granfondo, (122 km), and had a grand time. Have now turned into an airport limo driver instead of of an elite cyclist. Tomorrow I go back to YVR to collect Toshi, a former boarder who lived with us for three years back in the '90's. Cora Lee and I stayed with her and her mom, Tomiko, after we left Australia in 2012. Just have time to drop her off at home and then head back to airport to collect Gayle and Derek, couple from Cornwall we did house exchange with last August. Toshi is here until the 18th while G/D are staying for three weeks. All three will come to Parksville with us for four days or so. Should be fun. Derek is a cyclist as well so think he will enjoy countryside. Some pretty good climbs, mostly long but gradual, overall, so nothing like tougher ones to Whistler.

Take care of each other and we'll chat anon. Fondestos from Mme Coriandre. Cheers, Patrizzio!

Pics: Fashion statement; Recovering; Rejuvenating; Cora Lee Bridging and Pounding Hootch with Giggster!

That was funny Pat, thank-you, and congratulations (you put me to shame and I hope to accomplish the same next year), Margo Boyd                  well done patrick

Hi Pat, Great ride report! My guess is that KOM stands for King Of The Mountain. KOM is the title awarded to the best hill climber, usually up a specific hill or two. TT is short for Time Trial...I believe your TT time refers the time it took you to ride a specific section of the Fondo. Peter

Hi Pat, I'm sorry that I didn't reply to you sooner about Sarge. Oh man, what a terrible thing. I'm so very glad that someone was there to notice that he needed help. How is he doing now?

And how was your Whistler Fondo? I was thinking about you and hoping that it went well. Lovely day for it. I rode up Taylor Way that very same day (in my 2011 Fondo jersey - I felt like I was arriving very late to a party!) as a close friend of mine has just moved into a house at the top just before the entrance to the British Properties. I was really wishing for the lane closures and all the folks cheering me on but instead was hugging the side of the road to avoid traffic.

Work and family matters are keeping me far more busy than I would prefer. More later. And we want to get you and Corinne over for dinner one of these times. Our south facing apartment is so hot in the summer that we never entertain until fall/winter. Cheers to you and Corinne. Hi to Chloe too, such a lovely gal. Sara

P, thanks for your hospitality and for the ride to the train. Also for including me in the Squamish leg of the journey. I really enjoyed meeting Rick and Ruth and the time we spent there. A perfect way to wind down from the ride. I was out of energy when I got home lasterday and had a mega nap in the afternoon and full night of sleep to follow that. Will be in touch about the island escapes to the manor. Be well, W
Left for my ride about ten minutes before 1:00 pm. Had to be back by at least 3:15 pm as I was taking Sarge to airport to collect his Mom. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to log 51 km in time i had but once I was along Spanish Banks I was clocking 24 km/hr and with seven parking lot dipsy-doodles I was able to lift AVG to 24.5 km/hr. Dropped back down to 23.6 km/hr by the time I'd climbed Foreshore Hill but I knew I's be able to gain that, and more back, on run to Crown.

Delighted to see that I had 25 km/hr on the clock by the time I was at the foot of Crown on Musqueam Reserve. Again, AVG fluctuated up and down, hovering between 24.7  and 25 until I hit Chancellor Blvd where I was able to push it up a few notches. When finally on Point Grey Road I was doing 25.2 km/hr and I knew I could probably retain at least 25 km/hr, given route ahead. Had to slow down nearing entrance to GI so dropped to 25.1 km/hr but wasn't worried at this point. However, the unexpected, as always, reared its ugly head and there was some minor road construction just past the lights. Would have been fine but dope in car ahead stopped to chat with flag person and I almost came to a standstill. End result was that the air around me turned blue as my AVG fell to 24.9 km/hr!  Nevertheless, barring this unforeseen, horrible, horrible occurrence, I felt pleased at my effort and that my legs were up to such a good run, at least for me, so soon after GF. Stats for ride:


Home Depot Errando stats: 10.86 km over 0:30'53 for an AVG 21.1 km/hr 

Rick and Ruth, thanks again for your hospitality. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I really appreciated being included. I hope I can reciprocate on north Galiano some day.

Any questions on this recipe please ask. There are many variations as you might imagine. I am copying below in case the attachment does not transmit. My internet set up here is quite primitive. Best wishes, George

Salsa Jorge (el Curioso):
fresh ripe tomatoes equivalent to/or 28 ounces of canned tomatoes 

3 or 4 fresh jalapeño, serrano or habanero peppers 
3 or 4 chipotle peppers in adobe sauce 
two or three tablespoons of whole cumin seeds
salt and freshly cracked pepper
most of a whole garlic (ideally fresh organic)
one bunch of cilantro 

half a large white onion

I build this salsa one of two ways: either all finely hand chopped which is preferable but more time consuming OR by using a hand grinder such as a Braun Multipractic. If using the latter grind up everything including half of the cilantro then hand chop half of the cilantro and the onion and add after processing. Both methods of preparation have different and favourable results on flavour. I often prefer using the canned tomatoes depending on the time of year.

Fresh peppers, depending on the size, source and quality, can have very different heat levels. If you are not accustomed to the heat I would begin by using only one jalapeño. The heat factor rises exponentially from jalapeño to serrano to habanero pepper. Be very careful using the latter. Bueno suerte

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