Wednesday, 10 September 2014

YVR Limo Chauffeur Blues: Wednesday, September 10th!

The most important scientific revolutions all include, as their only common feature, the dethronement of human arrogance from one pedestal after another of previous convictions about our centrality in the cosmos. -Stephen Jay Gould, paleontologist, biologist, author (1941-2002) 
House Of Fifty: This picture isn't so lovely, but appreciate these tips for keeping the front loading washer clean... so it can get the laundry clean! Read here:
  • Patrick James Dunn Thanks Beckster! Now that Cora Lee has added this chore to my already lengthy list, what with vacuuming, dusting, making the bed, window washing, de-cluttering and salad making, I certainly won't have time for any cycling, let along maltage! Maybe it's time for us to stop being friends! Cheers!!!

    Patrick Thank-you for your generosity, there will be no problems putting up with you, we are very much looking forward to catching up with both yourself and Cora.

    It is truly an amazing thing to hear of Sarge’s rapid progress. I suppose the restrictions on lifting heavy things means that beer is out of the question and he is restricted to spirits in nip-size amounts? Love to you all with special thoughts for Wayne and Michele . We will be in touch – any duty free requests?? Claire

    Hi Claire de La Lune! Glad you are willing to put up with me. However, after reading this message you may well wish to reconsider, as I've mulled over your duty free offer. What I think best is for you both to take only carry on. Buy very, very expensive baggage at Duty Free and fill both bags with very, very expensive malt! Don't worry about declaring hootch as Sarge has pull with the Mounties there and I'm sure he will be able to spring you from lock-up after a week or so. Even if it takes months or years to effect your release, no room or board to worry about! Free clothes as well! Grogg will look pretty spiffy in stripes!

    Seriously, if you "insist" on bringing something, all four of us are very fond of beefy Shiraz. Two bottles is limit, per person, but in my experience three has never been an issue, as long as you are up front about quantity on declaration form you will fill out prior to arrival. If you opt for three, and in the unlikely case you are required to pay duty have a "false" receipt for cheapest bottle as duty is calculated on cost. (Ask your local bottle shop for a receipt for $5 AUS, Kangaroo Day Special, or some such baffle-gab! Again, in my experience, I have never been asked to show receipt, especially with quantities involved. It would be different, ostensibly, if you were bringing in a case, or more, per esempio.

    Wine is my suggestion but I have forwarded your message to other three players. Cora Lee and Flamin' probably want perfume, chocolates and Vegemite! Thanks and Cheers, Patrizzio! Pics: Sarge and Flamin' this past Sunday evening!

    After all the worry and concern that had enveloped us over last two weeks we had a much more mundane matter to deal with, here at the Islay Inn. Plumbing in the guest bathroom! About a week ago we noticed a severe rumbling when cold water tap was turned on. Went away and all was normal until a few days ago when no water at all came out. Very puzzling as we had cold water everywhere else in our unit. Advice we received was that t it could have something to do with a valve on water tank or the "cassette" in tap assembly.

    Very good friend, Big Al The Enforcer, aka Stanchion Man, happened to phone on Tuesday to say hello and I asked him if he could recommend a plumber, (Earlier in summer he had helped me replace a part for our dishwasher. He is a younger version of Dusty, inasmuch as he can do just about anything from designing mechanical props to anything DIY. He spent about twenty years in Special Effects for films shot in Vancouver, elsewhere in BC and some US locations.), as well as first one we hadcalled, (We'd used him before.), was just leaving on his hols. Second chap, (He was extremely helpful with a blockage problem in Chloë's kitchen sink, a year or so ago. When I called he was actually on a job in Kamloops but advice he gave me solved problem. It involved a very caustic grease/hair remover and he called me back after he had given me brand name to make sure I wore gloves and safety goggles when using it. Then, a day or so later, he called to inquire how things went, all at his own expense!), isn't working as a plumber anymore as he is suffering from extreme arthritis. Hope he is able to do something else as he is obviously a very competent, concerned individual.

    At any rate, Big Al thought, from what I had told him, that problem could be solved by replacing faucet/tap unit. After returning from my ride, (First one since participating in Whistler Granfondo this past Saturday
    : my Garmin stats for ride: Details available upon request but a terrific 122 km ride on a terrific day with terrific friends! Sarge wants to to do it next year!), I had a cup of java and then cycled to Home Depot on Cambie and 5th to pick up a replacement set, to have it ready for installation next day.

    Stanchione arrived around 10:00 am, after dropping of something he'd fabricated for an installation at Science World, geodesic dome at the end of False Creek, as you might remember. As we were walking into bathroom he mentioned that he'd looked at a few YouTube DIY videos and one suggestion was to make sure that the shut-off valve was completely open. He checked it and sure enough it was partially closed! This had been the root of the problem and once opened completely water flow was back to normal! Both of us could hardly stop laughing, even harder after he said, "You owe me $100 for service call!", but very much relieved as you can well imagine. (In the "old" days, "Is your computer plugged in?") Aside from saving $100 on fixture and new hoses I was thankful that it wasn't a far more difficult problem to address/repair! Had visions of having to open wall, etc., etc, etc!

    Especially grateful for his generous offer to help as we needed a fully functioning bathroom for Toshi, our close friend/former boarder who was to arrive later that afternoon. Furthermore, while we are away on VI, friends, Peter/Lynne, from Naramata, will be staying, with their friends, a couple from Germany, over the 13th/14th/15th. Never a dull moment at The Islay Inn! 

    In spite of Whistler Granfondo, I have somehow turned into an airport limo driver instead of an elite cyclist. This afternoon I went back to YVR to collect Toshi, arriving from Japan. She was a former boarder who lived with us for three years back in the '90's. Cora Lee and I stayed with her and her mom, Tomiko, after we left Australia in 2012.) Just had time to drop her off at home and then head back to airport to collect Gayle and Derek, couple from Cornwall we did house exchange with last August. Toshi is here until the 18th while G/D are staying for three weeks. All three will come to Parksville with us for four days or so. Should be fun. Derek is a cyclist as well so think he will enjoy countryside. Some pretty good climbs, mostly long but gradual, overall, so nothing like tougher ones to Whistler.

    How did it go? i had no idea you also did this in the interior! what
    inspired all this? I hope you have no plans for cycling in the Calgary area this week! About that you think this will ever happen? I hope you are well and have recovered from your ride!

    Hi Barbara! Thanks for good post-ride wishes! Didn't much feel like riding back from Squamish on Sunday morning but went for two 51 km rides on Monday and Tuesday so am pleased to say I feel pretty good. I had never ridden in any organized event before Penticton GF but since my distances kept becoming greater and greater, as my endurance, etc., increased, I thought I might like to try something. Before this July timing had never worked out and the rest is history! Out to UBC and around campus, or same for Stanley Park, were regular rides/distances at first and then, as one becomes more experienced, one usually, not necessarily, inevitably, desires to push a little bit further. So that is, basically, what happened. Of course, buying a carbon fibre bike became part of my cycling evolutionary process.

    This being the case, our walk will have to wait until sometime after the 18th. When you have a moment, let me know when might be the best times to meet. I'll send you a message or two from Mardoña Manor to keep you abreast of Island Life! Take care of yourself and we'll chat anon. Cheers, Patrizzio!

    Patrick,*****Please Note: This is a General Broadcast Message*******

    We are in need of Volunteers for our New Volunteer Assistants Team. This team will be responsible for the creation and distribution of Volunteer badges and Packages. All shifts will be located at the Vancity Theatre, and will occur from September 13 to Sept 23. Day shifts on Sept 13-19 & 22-23. Evening shifts on Sept 20-23. Please reply if you are interested and available for some of all of these days. It is a great way to meet your fellow volunteers and to complete pre-festival hours. Accommodation can be made for overtime hours if needed. BRADE D. STANTON, Volunteer Coordinator, Vancouver International Film Festival

    Hi Brade: I'm interested and available for the New Volunteer Assistants Team. I'm free for all of the evening shifts from September 20th-23rd. Thanks. Cheers, Patrizzio!

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